4 Reasons to Upgrade Dynamics AX

4 Reasons to Upgrade Dynamics AX

May 29, 2021

Many manufacturing and distribution organizations are still using Microsoft Dynamics AX, but you should know that Microsoft will end mainstream support on October 12, 2021. And after that, security hotfixes will only extend until April 12, 2022. So if your business is still using Dynamics AX, it’s time for a change. Your best bet is to upgrade to a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 product

Not convinced? Check out these reasons to upgrade your old Dynamics AX system. 

1. Security

With the end of support in October and even security fixes the following April, Dynamics AX is open to vulnerabilities. One of the biggest reasons to upgrade Dynamics AX is to reduce the risk to your information security. Microsoft’s cloud platform has state-of-the-art security to ensure that your data remains safe. 

When it comes to information security compliance, Dynamics 365 uses a wide variety of physical, infrastructure, and operational controls. Microsoft adheres to the strictest compliance laws based on your location and industry so you can configure your solution to meet your exact regulatory requirements.

2. Total Cost of Ownership

By upgrading to the cloud, you reduce or completely eliminate many on-premise costs associated with Dynamics AX. The cost of hardware is essentially eliminated, and the chances of downtime shrink considerably. 

Not only can you get rid of the time spent on maintaining physical servers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers automatic upgrades that include new features and bug fixes at no additional expense.  An issue someone else encounters can be fixed before you realize it’s a problem. This means that your IT staff is free to focus on strategic planning and other high-priority work items. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on a phone

3. Visibility

Without an up-to-date full picture of key production assets, resources, and activities, you can’t have a true understanding of your organization’s strengths and opportunities to improve. Because Dynamics 365 is a cloud platform, your organization’s data is centrally managed and can communicate with other cloud-enabled Microsoft services. With centralized data from finance, sales, service, and operations, you get an accurate view of your entire business.

Your business gets real-time visibility and intelligence to move from reactive to proactive operations. From vendor management, inbound and outbound logistics, asset management, and more, end-to-end supply chain visibility gives you a complete picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities to improve.

4. Functionality

Your ERP system should be making your jobs more streamlined. If your company is suffering from inadequate inventory control, chaotic asset management, or just outright inefficiency, then that’s definitely a reason to upgrade Dynamics AX.

Your software solutions should work seamlessly together to build your business. Utilizing an upgraded ERP system helps get things working so you can operate at the highest level of efficiency.

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