PunchOut E-Procurement in D365

Slow processing, lack of order accuracy, unfamiliar product catalogs— we have seen the same issues arise time and time again within different companies. That’s why Rangeline Solutions, a Nexer Group Company is walking you through easier ways to purchase supplies from a vendor’s e-commerce website with PunchOut e-procurement in Dynamics 365! 

This webinar covers a variety of topics, including:   

  • Direct integration with B2B procurement platforms 
  • E-procurement solutions—PunchOut purchasing and order integration 
  • External catalogs—category-based catalogs, standardized communication formats, test vs. production mode, PunchOut vs. CXML configuration  

What’s new in Warehousing? 

Microsoft is always adding new features to its lineup! We want to ensure you are not missing out on any new releases within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Learn more about these exciting features from the experts at Rangeline Solutions, a Nexer Group Company.

This webinar covers a variety of topics, including:  

  • Mobile device functionality updates
  • Mobile device training tool additions 
  • GS1 barcode scanning 
  • New load planning workbench pages

Missed the event? Click below to watch the webinar! 

Strategies for Warehouse Label Management

Labeling isn’t just something your Type A friend does to all the food in their pantry. Warehouse labeling is often an overlooked skill that can help you improve efficiencies in portions of your warehouse. That’s why the Rangeline team is kicking off our 2022 webinar series with Strategies for Warehouse Label Management. 

Here’s what to expect from our upcoming webinar:  

  • Identifying the challenges of labeling
  • Best practices for printer management
  • Assigning label formats to individual printers and users
  • Producing unique labels for specific processes
  • A brief demonstration

Missed the event? Click below to watch the webinar! 

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