Increasing Efficiency of D365 Business Processes The Importance of Automating Your Business Processes

Increasing Efficiency of D365 Business Processes The Importance of Automating Your Business Processes

July 07, 2023

Bringing your business into the modern age can have many meanings. Maybe it means implementing new payroll processes, or perhaps it entails re-evaluating compliance. For many businesses, becoming more modern means automating business processes whenever possible. By optimizing Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses can now take their automation to the next level. Learn more about automating aspects of your operations with Dynamics 365. 

Why Is Automation Useful

When we think of automation, we often picture giving a human job to a computer. While that’s one way to look at certain types of automation, that isn’t the goal of Dynamics 365 applications. Instead, automated business practices are designed to enhance user experience and make the workday easier for all employees. Here are just a few ways automation can improve your operations: 

  • Create a Unified User Experience—Streamlined solutions are a big deal in the manufacturing industry. After all, you don’t want to have to constantly tailor your approaches and account for human error. D365 goes a long way to fostering a unified user experience. 
  • Scalability—You likely have plans to see your business grow over time. Luckily, Dynamics 365 is designed to grow with you. D365’s automation applications are the perfect choice for operations, big and small. 
  • Real-Time Solutions—Get updated right away when there are changes to the supply chain. Dynamics applications allow you to see insights and analytics as they happen. 

How to Automate Your Business Processes with 365

Automating Your Business Processes

Now that you know the why, it’s time to think about the how. Every business is different and may require a unique approach to automating business processes. Fortunately, we are here to be your guide. Take a look at some of our most recommended ways to get the most out of automation:

  • Implement System Workflows—Manufacturing businesses have lots of moving parts, which is why we recommend utilizing system workflows. Implementing system workflows pushes approvals to the next steps automatically rather than tracking the activity in emails. 
  • Use AI-Powered Assistance with Copilot—Take advantage of D365’s Copilot, the world’s first copilot in CRM and ERP systems that provides interactive, AI-powered assistance across business functions. Since Copilot is built into D365, its ease of use will empower employees to deliver better customer experiences through more efficient processes. 
  • Integrate Third-Party Systems—You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to use Microsoft Dynamics 365. Many applications are compatible with third-party systems. This allows you to integrate multiple workflows for increased functionality. 

Look to Rangeline Solutions—A Nexer Group Company for Tips and Tricks 

Whether you’re hoping to learn more about automation or need some tips for warehouse label management, Rangeline Solutions—A Nexer Company is your partner. We’re dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our team has experience in a wide range of industries, and we know all the tips and tricks for automating business processes. Connect with us today to learn more about implementing 365.